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About us

Gyutsang Gompa : A thousand years old Monastery and effective Spellcasters at your service!

Gyutsang Gompa - the Great Monastery for Happiness – has helped people to live a happy life for more than a millenium now. It is located on the « Roof of the World » into the Sacred Himalayas, in one of its most secret and mysterious country : the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is the « country of Hapiness » ! Three years ago, a few of us travelled in the modern world and were strongly shocked by the lack of effective Spellcasters and its terrible consequences, so we immediately decided to offer our Help online to all those who need, including you !


There are Five Members of Gyutsang Monastery who are only dedicated to foreigners:

Lama Tsering Gyutse is the Head and leader of the Monastery since 2002. Aged 41, he is born in Tibet but escaped the country because of the chinese occupation. Close friend of the Dalaï-Lama, he is recognized though Secret Asia as the best specialist of all Eastern and Western Sacred Traditions. We could say he is a Master Of Happiness. He will be your contact. He will gather the Spellcasters of the Monastery for a great meeting about your case and then he will get back to you to propose the most appropriate Spell. Open your heart to him, and he will find the way to fill it with Happiness!




Saddhu Maha KriShambava is the Master Of Love & Sex. Aged 39 and born in India, Master of both Buddhism and Hinduism, he is the best Tantric Spellcaster you can find. His powers can get you back your lover in a week, he can make someone who never noticed you love you more than anybody else. He can lead any relationship to marriage, avoid a break up or a divorce… In fact, conerning relationships, nothing is beyond his powers, even sexual problems. Both Dharma and Karma has no secrets for him. He never failed in any case, even the hardest ones. Many happy couples owe their Happiness to his Spells. During certain particular casting, he can be helped by his wife, Ani Maha Geloutsang, who is also very powerful. 






Sri Mantrik Shankra Vedanta is the Master of Abundance, Luck, & Fortune. Aged 60, born in North India and raised in one of India’s best Ashrams, he is a Vedanta Master, more precisely what people call a « Mantrik » (magician). He recites the most secret and powerful Mantras and casts incredible Spells to help people to be surrounded by Luck, to get rich or famous, or to change their body as they wish. Many people around the world seeked his help, but he only accepts to help if you desire doesn’t go against the Great Equilibrium. If you are pure and if you want to change your personnal life, be sure he will help you!




Lama Gurung Dolpo, the specialist of Purifying, Protection and Revenge Spells. Aged 36, born in Dolpo in Nepal, disciple of the Great Milarepa, Buddhits, Bon-Po and Shaman Healer, he is the one who will help you if you are the victim of some Dark Energies, of wrong feelings, of a Curse, a Hex, or bad people.  He is helped by his personnal assistant, Amchi Tung Lek (Amchi means traditional doctor in Tibetan).





Boddhisattva Dorje, aged 88, born in Tibet, is the Monk dedicated to the foreigners. Orphan, raised in the purest tibetan buddhism since his childhood, he reached Nirvana and Awakenning at the age of 9. Since then, he prays for the Happiness of all Humans. He will make pray for you personaly during the whole process of the Spell Casting.






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