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What a great service Gyutsang Gompa offered me! I can’t describe the Happiness they provided to me and my family! I told all my story to Lama Tsering Gyutse and he emailed me back the day after, proposing three different Spells. I chose the best one from Saddhu Maha KriShambhava. His work saved my family, now united again and for good ! My wife forgave me, and she now loves me again, just as when we met in the beginning! My kids are smiling everytime they see us! Lama Tsering Gyutse and Saddhu Maha KriShambhava changed my life : I will never be able to thank them enough!

Gerard Wilson-Smith, August 2014

Thank you all for your extreme kindness and your efficient work. You helped me more than anybody before these past years and I know it will continue all my life. Keep going, you have the power to make people Happy and that's the most wonderfull thing in the world. Kind regards and lots of love!

Kelly Hength, July 2014

I must admit I was quite skeptical before seing results, but now I  can definitely say that your powers are real! I don't know how you manage this but yes, it litteraly saved me! I highly recommend Sri Mantrik ShankraVedenta’s special Luck Spell! His powers are unbelievable!

Jordan Edams, September 2014

Oh Dear! I wish I can visit your Monastery in the next few months! I can't even realize how much you changed my life… You’re amazing! You should definitely rule the world instead of politicians, everybody would be way more happy! Thank you for helping me, thank you for your time and your guidance! I will never forget you!

Yusen Itoshin, June 2014

Hurray, it’s working! We are going to get married in November and Richard is already talking about kids! How could you be so quick? I hope you can help many other people for a long long time! Free Tibet and long Live Gyutsang Gompa!

Kate Rudisson, October 2014


Hi Lama Gurung Dolpo and all of Gompa Monastery! I would like to thank all of you for your effort and success in helping me. Your spells still works perfectly : John has never been so loving and caring ! I gave your website to one of my best friends, as I think you really are the good persons to help her with her love problem too. With deep love.

Katherina Kuss, April 2014

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